Call for Posters

Poster submission was open until 1 November 2023. Submissions are currently closed.

Submit a poster via our submission tool PreTalx.

ICLaVE|12 welcomes submissions for individual posters. (Deadline: 1 November 2023)

Scholars working on language variation and change of European languages and varieties in areas such as sociolinguistics, dialectology, historical linguistics, sociology of language, psycholinguistics, language perception, and language psychology are invited to submit their proposals on any relevant aspect of variation in language use and/or the linguistic system. 

Posters are a particularly suitable and recommended presentation format for projects that seek to benefit from immediate and interactive engagement with and feedback from the attendant ICLaVE community. This regards, for example, descriptions of innovative, exploratory research undertakings , discussions of methodology and study design, or forms of data and results visualization.

Abstracts should not exceed 500 words, excluding title and references. Abstracts should provide information on the topic, data, methodology, and theoretical framework(s) of the contribution. 

Posters will be showcased during a dedicated session concurring with an evening reception in the University of Vienna’s Arcaded Courtyard. A prize of 250 Euros will be awarded to the best poster, as selected by conference participants’ vote.

Click corresponding links for submission of individual papers or multimedia presentation proposals.

(Click here to download a tutorial for ICLaVE|12 submissions)

We suggest using the LSA's Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics for all submissions: download pdf.

Please note: Authors may submit two abstracts in total to the conference, if at least one paper is co-authored.