Call for Panels

Panel submission was open until 1 August 2023. Panel submissions are currently closed.

Submit a panel via our submission tool PreTalx.

The International Conference on Language Variation in Europe ICLaVE|12 invites submissions for panels in any and all areas of study related to language variation in European languages, such as sociolinguistics, dialectology,  historical linguistics, psycholinguistics, phonetics, etc. 

Panels at ICLaVE|12 will have a fixed duration of 3.5 hours, which amounts to 7 slots total (=including introduction and/or discussion session). One slot is 30 minutes (=20min presentation +10min discussion), in order to allow conference participants to switch between sessions.

To submit a panel, please go through our online conference organizing tool ‘Pretalx’. 

Panel organizers should:

  • compile and submit a panel description (max. 500 words) and list of panel contributors (see below), having confirmed that all invited contributors have agreed to participate
  • coordinate and ensure the separate submission of abstracts for individual panel talks by all panel contributors (each abstract max. 500 words), through our online conference organizing tool, before the deadline for panel submission (1 August 2023)
  • act as mediators between panel contributors and the conference organizing committee, including communication of the review decision to the panelists
  • in case of acceptance:
    • coordinate the submission of any updated versions of abstracts and/or panel description
    • collect papers, presentations and/or data samples for the panel in advance of the conference, and circulate these among all Panel Contributors
    • chair their panel at the conference.

The panel description consists of a general overview text of no more than 500 words, featuring the panel’s topic and how it relates to the conference theme, as well as the rationale for the panel and its key questions, aims, and objectives.

The conference organizing tool contains a separate field in which panel organizers are asked to enter a complete list of panel contributors (name, affiliation, title of talk), in the order in which the talks are to be held.

As indicated above, each panel contributor must submit an individual abstract for their panel talk (max. 500 words) through the conference organizing tool before the deadline for panel submission (1 August 2023). During abstract submission, panel contributors are asked to indicate (in a separate field) the title of the panel with which their talk is affiliated.

Authors may submit two abstracts in total to the conference, if at least one paper is co-authored. (No two submissions by the same author in the same panel.)

Click corresponding links for submission of individual papersposters or multimedia presentation proposals. (In case ICLaVE|12 should be unable to accommodate a particular panel, contributors are free to submit their papers as individual contributions under these calls).

(Click here to download a tutorial for ICLaVE|12 submissions)

We suggest using the LSA's Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics for all submissions: download pdf.